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Irrigation is of key importance for reforestation and agroforestry.  During the dry season from May to October trade winds dominate the weather situation with several weeks or even month without sufficient precipitation. The irrigation consists of manual irrigation in existing forests and automated irrigation on reforested plots and plantation plots.  Totoka Islands has purchased a high-tech irrigation system from an Israeli company that provides for constant water flow irrespective of the geographical shape of the area to be irrigated. Most of our properties are characterized by rather steep hills requiring pressure-regulating irrigation pipes.


Totoka Islands plants thousands of trees every year since start of its operation. Starting out with typical commercial species like Mahogany and Teak provided by the Ministry of Fisheries and Forestry, the company meanwhile gained a deeper understanding of the indigenous trees on its own properties and routinely collects seeds of such indigenous tree species and creates new seedlings from them to plant out later. New trees are being planted on previously deforested parts of the property but also within existing forests where they rejuvenate the forest.

Agroforestry tests with several varieties of trees, vegetables and herbs delivered promising results forming the basis for scaling this method on larger parts of the property allowing commercial production in the next phase. Herbs and vegetables produced under these natural conditions are characterized by outstanding taste, shape and texture far superior to products available in supermarkets. Natural manure is being used as fertilizer - no chemicals are allowed on the properties.


The company continuously creates new seedlings from seeds collected in indigenous pockets of forest on its own properties.  Meanwhile trees that were created in our own nurseries and planted out years ago have started to produce seeds already.


Constant cleaning is one of the most important tasks in order to recreate natural looking forests in deforested remote areas of Fiji.  Newly planted trees have to be protected against bush fires and overgrowing creepers. This process takes many years until the trees take over and finally create sufficient shade in order to control the growth of weeds around them. Without years of structured human intervention and maintenance natural forests cannot be recreated..