I started TOTOKA ISLANDS in 2011 with the goal to develop integrated agro-forestry operations in remote areas of Fiji, based on a sustainable ecosystem of diversified forests creating a natural landscape that grows the resources that are being utilized selectively from time to time.

TOTOKA is the Fijian word for "beautiful, handsome" and is the determining base principle for all developments carried out. In the developed world commercial developments are being focused on maximum profits in shortest period of time. In the agricultural industry that means growing plants in the most efficient way for automated harvesting in mono-cultures. That leads to rectangular fields, plants in parallel lines and use of pesticides etc. - this is of course not TOTOKA!

We are a private company and we will take all time necessary to create natural looking, healthy agro-forestry ecosystems that are commercially viable but at the same time look beautiful and are vital and will last for generations.

For me TOTOKA also means having the privilege to work with some of the friendliest, nicest and most open-minded people I have ever met - the people of the Fiji Islands, singing songs and enjoying their work in the countryside. I'm very grateful for having the opportunity to develop such a project in an environment as beautiful as Fiji.

I am a software entrepreneur who started his first company in 1996. I am still actively managing Framesoft AG Software Applications which is a software company that specializes in contract, document and risk management software for the financial sector. In addition to the virtual world of software it was always my wish to start a development that would focus on the basic needs of human being - food, timber, housing - but on the highest possible quality level and in sync with nature.

Toralf Dittmann
Founder and Director