TOTOKA ISLANDS develops commercial agro-forestry operations in remote areas of Fiji, based on a sustainable ecosystem of diversified forests creating a natural landscape that grows the resources that are being utilized selectively from time to time.

TOTOKA ISLANDS focuses on:

  • Sustainable Forestry:
    • conservation and fostering of existing indigenous forests
    • preservation of rare species with special focus on indigenous Fijian trees and plants
    • reforestation of deforested areas in Fiji
    • sustainable forest management
  • Integrated Agro-Forestry:
    • organic growing of vegetables and herbs within existing forests thereby using the trees as natural protection and provider of minerals and fertilizers
    • creating diversified ecosystems preventing pests and diseases
    • fostering rare plants and flowers
    • natural bee-keeping for pollination and organic honey production
  • Timber Production:
    • Selective logging and continuous reforestation
    • Precise cutting of logs by state-of-the-art equipment to avoid waste of the precious tropical timber
    • Precise planing of timber profiles to accentuate the beauty of the exceptional tropical timber
  • Upmarket Residential Development:
    • Subdivision of beachfront properties adjacent to our agro-forestry developments
    • Development of upmarket high-tech self-reliant residential solutions with zero impact on the beauty of the natural and healthy environment
    • Dedicated to the demand of people who appreciate
      • spending lifetime on the Fiji Islands
      • having access to organically grown food right next to them
      • making no compromises with respect to achievements of civilization based on high-tech solutions

Our mission is to create luxury products by sustainable use of natural resources with zero impact on the environment. TOTOKA is the Fijian word for "beautiful, handsome" and everything we do will be beautiful and integrate symbiotically with the breathtaking beauty of Fiji.