At TOTOKA ISLANDS, we embrace state-of-the-art technology to ensure our developments have minimal impact on the environment. We are committed to utilizing advanced machinery and equipment that are designed to prevent negative environmental consequences.

Given the remote locations of our properties, sea logistics plays a crucial role in our operations. We employ a landing craft to transport equipment and machinery, ensuring efficient and secure delivery. To support our land-based logistics infrastructure, we have a truck with a low bed trailer for heavy equipment transportation, as well as a container side lifter truck for seamless handling of shipping containers.

Additionally, we operate a fleet of work boats that serve various purposes, including transportation of crew, accommodation in remote areas, equipment transport, and provisioning.

Our commitment to sustainable practices extends to our energy sources. We rely on solar energy as a clean and renewable power solution, harnessing the abundant sunlight of the Fiji Islands.

In our efforts to create resilient and functional structures, we have incorporated sea containers as building components. These containers provide robustness, ease of transport, and cyclone-proof qualities, making them ideal for housing, workshops, and storage facilities.

For timber processing, we have acquired a mobile sawmill and a professional planing machine, enabling precise and efficient operations in the production of exceptional timber products.

To navigate rough terrains and facilitate the movement of containers and heavy equipment, we have a Liebherr Mobile crane LTM 1030-2.1, a truck with a container side lifter, and a truck with a flatbed trailer at our disposal.

Furthermore, to support transportation between our properties and the main island, we own a dedicated landing craft. This vessel allows for the efficient shipping of heavy equipment, timber, and farming products, enabling smooth operations across our various locations.

At TOTOKA ISLANDS, we believe in leveraging technology to enhance efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and support our commitment to sustainable agro-forestry practices. By incorporating advanced machinery, utilizing solar energy, and optimizing logistics, we ensure that our operations align with our vision of preserving the beauty and integrity of Fiji's natural landscapes.