At TOTOKA ISLANDS, we are currently in the process of building essential infrastructure and production facilities to support our diverse range of products. Our offerings will encompass the following areas:

  1. Sustainable Forestry:

    • Conservation and preservation of existing indigenous forests
    • Fostering rare species, with a particular focus on indigenous Fijian trees and plants
    • Reforestation initiatives in deforested areas of Fiji
    • Implementation of sustainable forest management practices
  2. Integrated Agro-Forestry:

    • Organic cultivation of vegetables and herbs within existing forests, utilizing the trees as natural protection and providers of minerals and fertilizers
    • Creating diversified ecosystems to prevent pests and diseases
    • Nurturing rare plants and flowers
    • Natural beekeeping for pollination and organic honey production
  3. Timber Production:

    • Selective logging techniques combined with continuous reforestation efforts
    • Utilization of state-of-the-art equipment for precise cutting of logs, minimizing waste and optimizing the use of precious tropical timber
    • Detailed planning of timber profiles to showcase the beauty of exceptional tropical timber
  4. Upmarket Residential Development:

    • Subdivision of beachfront properties adjacent to our agro-forestry developments
    • Development of high-tech, self-reliant residential solutions with zero impact on the natural and healthy environment

We invite you to stay updated on our progress through our News section. This is where we will share exciting developments, milestones, and updates on our journey to create sustainable agro-forestry projects that seamlessly blend with the captivating beauty of Fiji.

Please check our News section regularly for the latest information on our growing range of products and the progress we are making in our endeavors.